YouTube is starting to become shit. Google is now basically shoving Google+ into it more and more, making the most simple things like commenting not only harder and more complicated, but more broken too. People have also been saying that there is no alternative to YouTube. Obviously, they aren’t paying attention outside of YouTube.

This is where Dailymotion comes in. You might have heard of it or seen a video from it before. Or maybe this is completely new to you. It’s basically YouTube done right without Google touching it. A great site that has a decent player, great homepage and a good community. Everything works well and it’s so simple, easy and great to use compared to YouTube. In short, it IS the best alternative to YouTube. The more this site improves or the more Google screws with YouTube, making it worse, the more this site has a chance at being better than YouTube and the more users from YouTube move here. And yes, just like YouTube, it has HTML5 players, widescreen and HD too. So you people who are used to the YouTube player don’t have to worry.

The only thing missing is getting money from these videos. If the site gains more users and such, there should be a good chance that monetisation will be implemented into the site aswell, in which we can gain money from people watching our videos on Dailymotion, just like YouTube. Hell, partnership companies might move here too if it gets popular enough.

So to all who HATE YouTube and Google, aswell as Google+, and don’t want to connect to Google+ in order to do simple things, aswell as had it with how broken it is, move to Dailymotion. It’s beautiful.

As for me, while i do have an account there, which you can find on that link there, i won’t really upload any videos UNTIL Google does one more major fuck up with YouTube. When that happens, i’m moving. Because as it stands, i’ve had it with Google and the shit they’re doing to YouTube, aswell as the fact it’s becoming a troll site with all the virus links and ASCII penises being posted in the comments, not being marked as spam at all while all the decent comments like “Great video, subscribed, can’t wait to see more” get marked as spam almost instantly by YouTube’s fucked system. Dailymotion doesn’t seem to have that, so i see potential.

UPDATE: http://official.dailymotion.com/en/ They DO have the ability to let you gain money from videos and ad revenue. So there’s not ONE thing missing from Dailymotion that would NOT let you join them. Awesome.


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